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Entropy Can Lead To Order, Paving The Way To Nanostructures


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Newton’s Three Laws Of Motion




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Ecological Genomics Of Reef Corals


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“Bees and Individual Personality,” Highlighting The Research Of NSF Awardee Gene Robinson At The University Of Illinois



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Big Horns Trump Smooth Pickup Lines Every Time
Horns – all the way from elk to rhinoceros beetles – and other decorative, mate-attracting structures, are sensitive to changes in nutrition.

Photovoltaics From Any Semiconductor
Researchers develop technology that could enable low-cost, high efficiency solar cells to be made from virtually any semiconductor material.

“Diving Board” Sensors Key To DNA Detection
A tiny cantilever sensor could soon help doctors and field clinicians quickly detect harmful toxins, bacteria and even indicators of certain types of cancer from small samples of blood or urine.



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