LOOK: Infant Star’s ‘Heartbeat’

Using the X-ray eyes of three space telescopes, astronomers have captured a behind-the-scenes look at the dramatic behavior of a newborn sun-like star, as it spins rapidly and churns out powerful and long-lasting eruptions. Click the link above to learn more.

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Mary Ann Rankin: Is Science a Girl Thing?
The European Union recently put out a music video to encourage girls to go into science — and recalled it after a chorus of complaints. The video was a viral disaster.

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While it’s true that many prodigies receive support, resources, and encouragement from parents and coaches early on, their support is typically the result of a demonstrated “rage to learn.” The reason why they are so driven to deliberately practice in their domain requires explaining.

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John F. Bruno: Past Climate Fluctuations Halted Coral Reef Growth
The findings of Toth et al. indicate that, as we know from paleoecological studies of earlier eras, our modern coral reefs are supremely sensitive to subtle changes in climate even in the absence of local impacts like fishing and pollution.

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Perhaps surprisingly, one domain in which they seem to know quite a lot is physics! They make a categorical distinction, for example, between objects and non-solid substances (i.e., water or sand).