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Drag-And-Drop DNA


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Profiles Of Scientists And Engineers: Chemical Engineer



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The Dark Energy Survey


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‘Growing Packaging Materials,’ With Ecovative Design Co-Founder Gavin McIntire


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First Measurements Made Of Key Brain Links
Researchers report the first direct measurements in mice of cause-and-effect responses between cells in the thalamus and those in the prefrontal cortex.

Scientists Find Oldest Dinosaur – Or Closest Relative Yet
Researchers have discovered what may be the earliest dinosaur, a creature the size of a Labrador retriever, that walked the Earth about 10 million years before more familiar dinosaurs like the small, swift-footed Eoraptor.

Ancient Microbes Survive Beneath The Icy Surface Of Antarctic Lake
Researchers describe a viable community of bacteria in one of Antarctica’s most isolated lakes and their findings related to the microbe’s metabolism could have significance for the search for life in other



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